For nearly 20 years, eThree Media has built and hosted content-management system based sites using the Joomla! platform for small to medium sized organizations. Our commitment to the Joomla platform is based on a full understanding of the system's history and roadmap, which is a popular and mature system for developing sites of simple or complex needs.

As long-term root owners of our very own dedicated server, we eliminate middlemen and problems that are outside of our control. That means, when you call us, you get a real American business that actually has the power to help you.

Feel free to visit some of the sites we have built and host for our clients, such as The National Guard Association of Georgia and Memorial Day School. These sites incorporate advanced features such as membership payment and tracking systems, event registration services, integrated calendars, and the flexibility to add or rearrange content easily by our clients.

We also host WordPress based sites built by other designers looking for more personalized and flexible hosting support. In fact, WordPress developers use eThree Media to resell and manage their own clients' sites.