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Setting Up Your Email Account In Your Email Program

Most email issues arise due to a configuration issue on the client side (that means on your end).

Email programs differ significantly in their menus and structure, and often change the location of menu settings with new versions.  Because it is impossible to keep up with all the variations out there for all computers and devices, we provide generalized instructions for setting up your email account on any email program.  If you have specific questions after determining that you have met each requirement listed here, please submit a new support ticket for further assistance.

After locating your email account settings, please ensure:

  1. That you are ALWAYS using your full and correct email address as setup on your account for all username and email address fields
  2. That you have entered the correct and current password for your account
  3. The server supports both POP3 and IMAP connection types for receiving email.  In either case, you may generally use the default port numbers, as provided by your email program.  Also, you must now use encrypted (SSL) connections when using email on our server.  Please enter "" (without the quotes) for your POP or IMAP server address.
  4. SMTP is the protocol for sending email.  Again, you should use the default port numbers as provided by your email program. Again, you must elect to use encrypted (SSL) connections.  The server address for SMTP is the same as it is for POP3 and IMAP"" (without the quotes).
  5. Our server requires that you login before sending email.  This setting can sometimes be found in an "Advanced" menu tab or other SMTP settings.  You must use your full email address and password in order to have the email program log you in before sending email can work.  This method is usually referred to as "Password" authentication.

If you repeatedly fail to login successfully due to an incorrect address/password combination, the server may add your IP address to our own automatically maintained blacklist.  That means that you will not be able to use your email from your current location without contacting us to have your address unblocked.  Please ensure that you always use the correct password for your email address in your email account settings.

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